Finnish-Russian Innovation University (FRIU)

FRIU is an alliance of universities. Key tasks of the university alliance is research, which is carried out in selected focus areas and education based on the research.

The idea of FRIU is to combine technology, business studies and design. This triangle makes the first dimension of innovativeness. Second dimension of innovativeness is the close collaboration between academic life, private and public sector. Third component is internationality, as FRIU concept aims at combining actors both in Finland and Russia.

The most important function of the FRIU is academic research, aiming to meet the highest international standards. It will result in publishing scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journal, which is most respected among the academic community. High-level publication activity and participation in higher rated international conferences is aimed at integration into international research community including establishing of collaboration with leading researchers world-wide, building international research networks involving high-level universities and research organizations including formation of the international consortiums and popularizing of FRIU concept among the best scholars.

The purpose of the education component in FRIU is to provide value-added to FRIU partner universities. The mission is to enable students’ skills to respond more effectively to current and future needs of the working life by incorporated.

The main principle of education is that education fields are based on research focuses. FRIU creates education and research framework to promote transformation of education process of participating universities in accordance with the Bologna process. From the perspective of the quality, high international standards have to be met. From the viewpoint of degrees, the collaboration facilitates education on master and Ph.D. levels within participating universities by both incorporating the latest research findings into study process and involving master and Ph.D. students into FRIU research activity. Besides FRIU aims to provides basis for developing doctor and master double degree programs involving participating universities.

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